What Types of Jobs You Can Get With a Hospitality Management Degree

Are you a Hospitality Management graduate or looking at what’s down the path after education but don’t know where to go?  Xpress are here to help!  This particular degree can open up many doors for your career as you’re provided with skills and knowledge that can be implemented in many fields.  And with this growing industry, now is the perfect time to start a steady career.  (To find out more about hospitality and why you should consider it, read our article here after you’re finished with this one!)

To make things a little easier, we have listed jobs that will be a perfect fit, whether they directly relate to your career or will make things useful in other roles, we’ve got you covered.

Jobs that directly relate to your Hospitality Management degree:

Accommodation Manager – An accommodation manager can work in various settings such as conference centres, hotels, hospitals and many more, and is responsible for meeting the needs of your guests, looking after the cleanliness of the establishment, problem solving and ensuring that your team are trained and managed well.

Events Manager – An events manager will plan and organise events, whether it’s social, business or promotional.  They are responsible for conferences, seminars and even parties and incentive trips and will ensure engagement within the target market and is very hands on; if you like seeing something move from planning to execution, this may be for you.

Catering Manager – As a catering manager, you’ll be responsible for planning, organising and developing the food and beverage services, meeting customer expectations and keeping to the food and hygiene standards.  Typically you would be hands-on in the roll to ensure everything is running smoothly.

Restaurant Manager – As a restaurant manager, it’s your duty to make sure the restaurant operates well and in style with good reputation.  Ensure that your staff are trained and motivated to keep up with the quality standards, customer service and performance of the business.

Chef – With lots of growth in this sector, it’s one to consider, especially if you’re passionate for food as you will be able to work anywhere that needs food prepared and cooked.  Each role has different responsibilities, so it’s best to look at which one works best for you.  Moving the stages from commis chef to head chef is a lot of work but you’ll reap the rewards as you move onwards!

Conference Centre Manager – This role requires management of staff and services at the centre which can include accommodation, catering, finances, sales and more.  You’ll ensure that the client’s needs are met and that the event runs smoothly; this includes the development of the business and each event and conference you come across, working quite closely with event managers.

Hotel Manager – In this role, your daily tasks will consist of making sure the hotel and staff are running well, by managing all areas and services of the hotel, along with looking after the budget, marketing and guest services dependant on hotel size.


Jobs that your degree will be useful for:

Air Cabin Crew – The skills required that your degree will help with, are the customer service skills and knowing how to work in a team.  The role will include things like pre-flight briefs to know about allergies, kids, any passengers in need of assistance, serving meals and refreshments, selling retail products and making sure the passengers are safe and happy – if you look at it in the hospitality light, it is a flying shop, bar, hotel and restaurant all wrapped into one!

Customer Service Manager – A customer service manager is responsible that they meet the needs of the customers, which includes managing the customer service team so that they can provide and promote the best service possible. 

Human Resources Officer – An HR officer will develop and implement policies that will keep the staff of the organisation balanced in terms of skill and experience; you will cover many things such as equality and diversity, recruitment, working practices and more.  This is a very people first role, ensuring that you’re working closely with departments and ensuring that the staff welfare is looked after, along with making sure that they meet objectives and are following plans.

Tourism Officer – When working as a tourism officer, you will work for a range of employers and need to be interested in this sector as you’ll be developing tourism products, services and facilities along with marketing and visitor management.



Marketing Executive – A marketing executive is responsible for the contribution and development of campaigns to promote products, services and/or ideas.  This will include event organisation, PR, sponsorship, advertising etc.

Retail Manager – This role will include the day-to-day running of stores and/or departments, aiming to increase profits and decrease costs.  Ensure that the staff are meeting their targets and the needs of their customers, while also being there to help them if need be.  You’ll be required to deal with marketing, finance, customer service and more tasks to make sure the company is keeping afloat, though these tasks are dependent on the size of company.