Aberdeen Airport Set to Increase Drop-Off Charges by 50%


Charges for the Express Drop-off zone in Aberdeen Airport are set to rise from £2 to £3. The increase follows a recent charges review.

The new changes which have already taken effect make Aberdeen more expensive than Glasgow Airport, who only charge £2 for their pick-up and drop-off zone. Even Edinburgh charges less at £2 per five minutes.

A spokesperson for the airport said that the review in price was reasonably justified as the airport had seen a £25 million investment in the last 4 years but no fee changes to reflect this.

However, Councillor Ian Yuill claimed that drop-off charges at airports were ridiculous in the first place, stating they were a “tax upon people using the airport”. He believes that charges as such should be irradiated or substantially reduced. He even created a petition in 2016 when the airport raised the fee from £1 to £2.

Fellow Councillor Martin Greig agreed saying that just because drop-off fees happen in other airports does not mean it should be normalised. He claimed it is damaging to our economy and just a way to make money from drivers.