Argyll and Bute Councillor Pushing to Hire out School Beds to Boost Tourism Income


A local council is being encouraged to allow this use of the Glencruitten Hostel’s student accommodation during school holiday to boost tourism income in the area.  Councillor Roddy McCuish said that the boost could be exactly the community needs. Currently, the area is looking to save £9.2million and is consequently looking at huge job and services cuts.

Councillor McCuish said: "We have an 85-bed hostel for our island children which is shut all summer, but with a skeleton staff, that could be used for things like training camps. We could also open up Oban High School in the summer and hire out the use of facilities there. We also have a hostel in Dunoon.

"Perhaps we have to look at councils being more commercial, to charge for things they don't charge for and look at getting income rather than cutting things."

He suggested that areas such as the council-owned ports and harbours could easily be commercialised, and the council should look at contracting out tasks such as planning and grass cutting to help save money.