BrewDog are Giving out Free Beer in Glasgow to Anyone who Votes in the General Election


The ever-growing beer company, BrewDog have decided to offer its customers an extra incentive to get involved in the election. They will be serving free pints to anyone who votes on Thursday!

To claim your Punk IPA beer, simply take a selfie outside of the polling station and show it to the bar staff at your local BrewDog. Or, if you have voted by post, show the staff your registration confirmation email. There are two locations in Glasgow; West End or city centre.

BrewDog released a statement saying that while they do not publicly affiliate themselves with any particular political party, they do believe that differences of opinion should be discussed amicably – preferably over a pint! So that’s exactly what they’re facilitating.

“We’ll repay your faith in democracy with the ultimate reward (whether you get the Government you voted for or not).”