Lidl Announce Pop-Up Wine Tasting Event in the Arches on Argyle Street


 Budget supermarket, Lidl have announced for the first time they are hosting a wine tasting pop-up. The event is called ‘Lidl Chateaux Noir’ and will be held in The Arches.

The event will be held in the dark, tasters are to attempt to identify the best quality wine without seeing the bottle!

The event is inspired by new research that suggested almost a third of Scots rely on the appearance of the bottle when choosing their wine, rather than focusing on the wine itself. 50% of Scots also admit that they don’t know what makes wine good quality.

Waiters will be wearing night vision goggles, everyone else will be immersed in darkness. Lidl believes this will provide customers with a unique opportunity to select wine without the bias of packaging.

Wine tasters will start the experience in the ‘Discombobulation Chamber’ (pictured above), a candy cane clad room, full of tricks of scale to throw off the senses. They will then enter the ‘Cellar Noir’ for the blind wine tasting. Lastly, they will be guided to the ‘Salle de Noel’, a festive area comprising of Christmas trees, mine pies and cheeseboards.

The event will run over 23 and 24 December.

Tickets are £4 with a 90p booking fee. All proceeds are going to the NSPCC.

Get your tickets here.