Marine Leisure Centre at Loch Ryan Could Boost Leisure Tourism


A study is set to take place to determine Stranraer’s potential as a watersports leisure destination. The proposal looks at developing a watersports centre at Loch Ryan to attract competitions and visitors.

The idea was inspired by the success of a coastal rowing championship competition earlier this year which is thought to have brought in £4million to the local economy.

The competition was organised by Stranraer Watersports Association, who have been granted money to conduct research of the likely costs, site evaluation and create designs for a new watersports centre.

A report to councillors stated: "The unique compact layout already supports multiple activities such as sailing and rowing with great success and already benefits from the secure storage, slipway, boathouse provided on the waterfront.

"This project has the potential to significantly contribute to the development of Stranraer as a marine leisure destination."