New Trump Resort Approved


Plans to build a second golf course at Trump’s estate close to Aberdeen, have been given the green light in the face of upset concerning the local environmental damages the development may cause.

The development was approved by a committee of Aberdeenshire councillors who voted eight to four in favour of the MacLeod course (named after Trump’s mother, Mary Anne MacLeod).

Planning documents state that proposals to develop on the regulated coastline would mean natural waterways would have to be diverted as well as other impacts for the surrounding nature.

The Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) claimed in its submissions to the council that environmental damage to the coastline “had not been addressed” by the Trump Organisation.

Opposition from Stirling stated “this money making endeavour for Mr Donald Trump will once again severely affect the natural habitat and landscape of Scotland, a country that he is interested in only for its economic value, and for which he does not mind destroying to make himself a profit.”

The council has however, laid out some conditions to allow the course to be built. They insist on assuring that biodiversity will not be affected, this includes safeguarding protected species such as badgers and otters.

More controversially, a separate application has been submitted for a hotel and 550 houses and holiday homes.

Councillor Isobel Davidson, the chairwoman of the committee and one of the councillors who voted in opposition of the proposals said: “the environmental impact of the application is overwhelming.”