A Wetherspoons in London Has Lost its Gambling Licence


A council in London has made the decision to revoke The George, a pub in Wanstead, of its gambling licence after undercover police cadets, aged 14 and 15, were able to gamble on the machines in the pub on two separate occasions. They were not asked for ID, nor did they provide false ID.

The pub will be forced to remove five of its fruit machines. It will be allowed to keep two, which are allowed without the need for permit. The George has promised to bring in specialist technology that will alert staff when the machines are being used.

One of the councillors said: “We won’t be afraid to use the full weight of the law against businesses in the borough that fail in their legal obligations to safeguard young people.”

A spokesperson for J D Wetherspoons that the business “takes its responsibility to comply with the law on all age-prohibited products and services extremely seriously”.