Blog - July 2019

  • The Top 3 Hardest Things about Managing a Restaurant and How to Overcome Them

    Posted on Thursday, July 11, 2019 by Amy ListonNo comments

    Managing a restaurant can be extremely rewarding, but that isn’t without the odd blip of course.  Each role has its ups and downs, but we’re here to help you turn your hurdles into hoorays!  Keep reading to find out what we found to be some of the more challenging things and what we think could help, and while you’re here, we do have some more tips for restaurant managers here. One of the first ...

  • Advice for Working in a Bar for the First Time

    Posted on Thursday, July 4, 2019 by Amy ListonNo comments

    Any new job can be a little daunting before you go in and realise it’s nothing to worry about, but when it comes to bartending, people worry about breaking glasses or making the wrong drink – don’t.  Everyone has been there, so much so that it’s almost a rite of passage when working behind the bar.  However we have some tips for any other worries that may be on your mind! Though you may worry ...